Wrecker and Dismantler

Wreckers and dismantlers recover parts of vehicles to sell to the public. When motor vehicle accidents occur, the entire vehicle is not necessarily damaged or destroyed and many parts may still be in excellent working condition. Those are the parts that wreckers and dismantlers remove and sell.

Many motor mechanics who are trying to save their clients’ money, approach a wrecker and dismantler for second-hand parts such as radiators, batteries and engines to replace worn out ones They remove bumper-bars, steering wheels, panels, seats etc. by using hand and power tools. They also dismantle electrical components, brakes, transmission systems, engines and other parts that can be sold.

Where necessary they clean various parts, and store and tag the components and parts for resale. Wreckers and dismantlers remove the vehicle body parts that cannot be reused from the yard by using a crane or forklift. These are dumped in a separate area. They handle telephonic enquiries, but people usually like to visit the premises to see the parts before purchasing. They are not only involved in selling used parts, but also need to do a certain amount of minor clerical work.

Wreckers and dismantlers need to know the technical details about the products they sell, and what prices such products should fetch. In order to remove components and parts, wreckers and dismantlers need to be quite strong physically.

They work in office and storage facilities as well as outdoors, dismantling vehicles in the scrap yards. They use tools such as hammers, cranes, forklifts, cash registers, general office equipment, including computers.

Personal Requirements

  • a good communicator
  • have manual dexterity and some technical ability
  • physically fit and strong
  • quick and efficient
  • interested in motor vehicles

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

No specific requirements

What to Study

In-service training under the supervision of an experienced wrecker and dismantler.


  • mechanical shops
  • scrap yards
  • self-employment

Further Information

Any of the above.

Getting Started

  • speak to a wrecker and dismantler about this career and ask to observe him/her at work
  • try to get a vacation job in a scrap yard

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