Wrapper and Labeller

Wrappers and labellers are responsible for the neat packaging and coding of articles before dispatch.

Labellers set labelling machines according to the size and form of the labels. They place containers on a conveyor belt that takes them through an electronic eye activating the printing device that prints the batch number and expiry date on the label and ejects the label for adhesion onto the container. They monitor the machine to see when ink has run out and they keep an eye on the quality of the printing and report any problems.

Wrappers are the last people on the packaging line. They arrange boxes into neat piles and roll off enough plastic sheeting (film) to cover each pile. They cut the plastic sheeting by bringing down a reel. They then send the pile through an oven to shrink the plastic sheeting and place the pile onto a pallet ready for dispatch.

Personal Requirements

  • attention to detail
  • good hand dexterity
  • good eye-hand coordination
  • safety conscious

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

  • Grade 8 Certificate.
  • Grade 10 Certificate is recommended

What to Study

Wrappers and labellers are trained on the job by experienced workers.


Manufacturers of products that need wrapping and labelling

Further Information

The above-mentioned potential employers

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work in a manufacturing company
  • make an appointment to speak to wrappers and labellers about this type of work

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