Wool Classer

Wool classers are responsible for the shearing and wool-classing process. They organize the activities in and around shearing sheds and ensure that the wool is sorted straight after shearing, and classed according to the standards of the National Woolgrower' Association of SA.

They are responsible for:

  • coordination between wool farmers, the shearing team and other wool workers
  • organisation of the shearing shed and shearing process
  • ensuring that the correct shearing methods are used, as this makes the classing of wool easier
  • classing of the wool with regard to aspects such as compactness, quality, condition and appearance
  • the correct pressing, closing and marking of bales
  • the sending of bales to the wool markets
  • sending classing reports to brokers

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

National Senior Certificate.

What to Study

Agricultural College: Wool-classing courses are offered from time to time at all agricultural colleges or on farms if requested

The BKB (“Boeremakelaars Beperk”) also offers short courses of ten days. Successful candidates can obtain a Springbok Wool Classing Certificate, which is highly respected in the international wool industry


  • wool brokers, such as Cape Mohair & Wool
  • BKB
  • shearing contractors
  • wool farmers
  • self-employment, start own private shearing company
The work is seasonal and should therefore not be seen as a full-time occupation. A student can do wool classing during the holidays. The farmer provides accommodation. Wool classers should contact the Shearing Services of Boeremakelaars Beperk (BKB), who organise wool-classing floors and ensure that wool classers can travel with the shearing team from farm to farm.

Further Information

National Woolgrowers’ Association of SA
P O Box 2191
Port Elizabeth, 6056
Tel: (041) 365-5030 Fax: (041) 365-5035
P/Bag X01
Scottsville, 3209
Tel: (033) 260-5127 Fax: (033) 260-5105

Getting Started

  • try to get part-time or vacation work on a sheep farm
  • speak to wool classers about this type of work and ask permission to observe them at work

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