Wine Steward

Wine stewards serve wine and drinks to customers in hotel lounges, bars and in restaurant dining rooms.

The main responsibility of wine stewards is to establish what clients want to drink and to serve them accordingly. It is important that all drinks are served in the correct manner.

The level of responsibility in steward duties differs from one establishment to another. In more up-market establishments, wine steward are responsible for selecting, obtaining, storing, controlling and replenishing the stock of wines.

These wine stewards will also discuss wines with clients and assist them in making their selection.

Some satisfying aspects of this career include:

  • working with people
  • being knowledgeable about wines
  • receiving good tips for excellent service

Some demanding aspects may include:
  • being on your feet for many hours
  • limited prospects for promotion
  • dealing with difficult or demanding customers
  • waiting on large tables, or a number of tables at the same time
  • irregular and sometimes very long working hours

Personal Requirements

  • friendly and have a pleasant personality
  • enjoy meeting all kinds of people
  • patient, diplomatic and even-tempered
  • neat appearance
  • good knowledge of wines
  • able to take orders accurately
  • able to stand for hours at a time
  • good memory

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

No specific requirements

What to Study

Wine stewards learn the required skills by on-the-job training. Short courses are offered by the Hospitality Industries’ Training Board. Wine stewards in upmarket establishments need to attend wine courses on a regular basis to keep up to date on product knowledge.


  • restaurants and cafeterias
  • steakhouses
  • hotel dining rooms
  • private clubs
  • other establishments that serve drinks
  • casinos
  • self-employment, given enough experience, initiative and capital, could start own business, such as a wine bar

Further Information

Wines of South Africa
Trumali House
Corner of R44 and Trumali Street
Tel: (021) 883-3860

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work as a wine steward
  • speak to wine stewards about this type of work and ask permission to observe them at work

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