A teller works for a bank or building society.

The main responsibility of the teller is to receive and pay out money and process the accompanying documentation. This entails a combination of any of the following tasks:

  • receiving cash and cheques for deposit;
  • verifying amounts;
  • examining cheques for endorsements;
  • processing transactions electronically;
  • cashing cheques and paying out money on verification of signatures and customer balances;
  • processing credit card payments;
  • cashing foreign exchange and traveller's cheques.
When the bank closes for business at the end of the day, the teller has to balance up the day's transactions.

How to Enter

National Senior Certificate.

What to Study

All banks and building societies offer in-service training. Once a teller gains experience and demonstrates ability in the position, there will be opportunity for promotion to head teller when a position arises.

Advanced training: Completion of an appropriate course will open up many opportunities for advancement in the banking industry.


Banks and building societies

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