Stained Glass Artist

Stained glass artists create designs for art objects made of glass, such as windows, bottles, bulbs, dishes and lampshades. They use both plate and window glass and scraps of safety glass from such items as windshields.

Stained glass artists study the shape of the window and integrate practical requirements with their knowledge of symbolic images and glass cutting. They make a full size working pattern and select and cut the glass according to the designed pattern. This can only occur once the cost has been estimated. The stained glass artist then assembles all the pieces and secures them in place. The glass is then stained or painted and fired in order to stabilise the colours. The stained glass artist then installs the completed window.

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

  • Minimum Grade 9
  • National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
  • National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course
Each institution has its own entry requirements.

What to Study

In-service training can be provided by an experienced stained glass artist.

Certificate and short courses: There are various courses offered at colleges and specialised art colleges, such as a Certificate in Art.


  • large workshops and studios
  • churches
  • certain factories
  • self-employment, with own studio

Further Information

P O Box 809
Houghton, 2041
46 & 48 Dunbar Street
Yeoville, 2198
Tel: 082 230 2255 Fax: (011) 388-1045

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Getting Started

  • try making stained glass objects at home and take art and craft classes
  • arrange to meet and talk with a stained glass artist about this type of career

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