Security Alarms Installer

A security alarm installer is someone who designs, installs, repairs, maintains, replaces, tests and services the operation of all intruder and security alarm systems in accordance with the local regulations.


In our society, people have become more and more concerned about security, and securing their possessions. One job that has grown with this industry is that of the security alarm installer.

Security alarm installers make openings, install and conceal wiring and attach devices such as cameras and motion detectors to walls and ceilings. Security alarm installers use hand tools, power tools, soldering irons and electric testing equipment in their work. They not only install and test security alarms, they also do repair work, including checking for incorrect programming of systems. Security alarm installers are required to help maintain the security of buildings, including those of businesses, public property and private homes.

Typical tasks are to consult with clients to assess risks and to determine security requirements, provide customers with estimates for equipment installation, prepare documents such as invoices or warranties, install, maintain and repair household and business security equipment, inspect and test alarms and systems equipment, using circuit testers, oscilloscopes, logic probes and other test instruments, tools and equipment. They diagnose and locate circuit, component and equipment faults, order replacement parts, adjust, align, replace or repair equipment, assemblies and components. They adjust the sensitivity of units, based on the room structure and manufacturer's recommendations, using programming keypads.  They demonstrate the systems to customers and explain details, such as the causes and consequences of false alarms.  Security alarm installers complete orders, test and maintenance reports, and may also supervise other equipment service technicians. They need to keep informed of new products and developments.

Alarm installers generally work an eight-hour day, however, they may also have to do shift work or be on call for emergency situations. They usually work indoors, sometimes in partially completed buildings. They often have to do their work on ladders, and may have to work in confined spaces

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

National Senior Certificate would be advantageous

What to Study

Security alarms installers receive their training either through informal, on-the-job training, or through a learnership programme.


  • security companies
  • electronic service establishments
  • retail and wholesale distributors
  • with service departments of electronic manufacturing companies

Further Information

Any of the above

Getting Started

  • speak to a security alarm installer about this career
  • read up on security alarm systems
  • try to do voluntary work for a security alarm installer

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