Scientific Glass Blower

The scientific glass blower manufactures glass instruments and apparatus. These are used both in laboratories and in fieldwork by scientists and engineers in their research, development and tutorial duties. Scientific glass blowers also work in industry, particularly in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Scientific glass blowers are often required to assist in the design of prototype equipment and thus play a major role in the success or failure of a project. The work entails the shaping and forming of a variety of types and shapes of glass according to the specifications given. The glass can be machined, ground, drilled, blown, bent, fused (welded), twisted, drawn and parted.


  • research institutions such as the CSIR

  • universities


  • Sasol

  • pharmaceutical and chemical industries

  • self-employment, doing freelance work

Getting Started

  • try to get part-time or holiday work with a glass manufacturer

  • speak to scientific glass blowers about this work

  • contact the Department of Labour about learnership possibilities in your area

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