Scale Fitter

Scale fitters install, repair and calibrate a variety of scales.

They repair and recondition the various working parts of lever systems and fit replacement parts. They assemble, set up, test and adjust the various types of beam, counter and platform scales. They unpack, erect, set up and adjust self-indicating and partially self-indicating scales. They erect, maintain and recondition road and rail mass bridges. They may in some instances manufacture parts of scales that cannot be repaired or replaced.

The measuring of weights, whether of foodstuffs or any other product that is sold according to weight, must be accurate. The authorities act strictly against those who do not abide by the regulations. Scale fitters must check that the regulations are not violated.


  • general trade where equipment in use is repaired and inspected

  • self-employed, offering specialised servicing and maintenance

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work in a scale-making company

  • speak to a scale fitter about this career

  • contact the Department of Labour about learnership possibilities in your area

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