Radio and Television Mechanic

Radio and television mechanics trace defects and repair radios and television sets which may be defective for various reasons, for example parts that have worn out or bad connections as a result of heat or dampness.

They find the source of the problem by checking tubes, observing the picture and sound, and looking for broken connections. They use wiring diagrams and special testing equipment to find and fix complex problems. They may set up, install and adjust TV antennas and receivers and instruct customers on the proper use of this equipment.

Radio and TV mechanics also install and repair components in stereo systems, videotape machines, car radios and public address systems. They may make simple adjustments to appliances in customers’ homes. Most of the work is done indoors in a workshop, but these mechanics are frequently expected to travel to clients’ homes.


  • television and radio manufacturers

  • radio and television repair workshops

  • stores that sell radios, television sets and other electronic sound equipment

  • government undertakings

  • self-employment, with enough experience can practise this trade on a private basis or start own business

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work in a radio and TV repair shop

  • arrange to speak to a radio and TV mechanic about this type of career

  • contact the Department of Labour about learnership possibilities in your area


Valombola Vocational Training Centre (VVTC), Windhoek Vocational Training Centre

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