Professional Hunter

Hunters stalk, track and kill animals for their clients for money, or for the government. Some hunt with others, while others work alone using dogs to track and corner prey.

Some hunters collect animals for museums. All legal hunting activities are monitored and approved by government agencies. If hunters hunt without the necessary approval, they can be fined and even sent to jail.

Hunting and trapping are often confused. Trappers catch animals using scented camouflaged or baited traps, cages or nets. Some hunters skin animals to sell the skins and pelts. Hunters may be involved in wildlife management (relocation of animals), research activities (blood sampling etc.) and disease control (destruction of various animals that threaten animal and public health and safety).


  • government

  • wildlife organisations

  • self-employment

Getting Started

  • get to know various types of guns, animals and what the hunting seasons

  • get some in-service training under the supervision of an experienced hunter

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