Plastics Worker or Operator

A vast number of objects today are made of plastic. Plastics workers / operators manufacture these articles out of plastic, mixed with resin bonding.

A basic structure is built first, onto which a release agent is spread. Then gel is applied, followed by layers of plastic and resin bonding until the required thickness is obtained. Before the resin sets it has to be sanded on the uneven side with a sander until smooth. After the resin product has been removed from the ground structure the product is completed by mounting the rest of the required parts in or on the resin.

Plastics workers have to set up and maintain the machines that transform plastic compounds into a wide variety of consumer products.


  • plants and industries that manufacture plastic consumer products

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work in a plastics factory

  • arrange to speak to a plastics technologist about this type of career

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