Petrol Pump Attendant

Petrol pump attendants work at filling stations or garages where petrol is served to customers.

Petrol pump attendants’ tasks include:

  • filling customers’ vehicles with petrol or diesel to the requested level
  • taking cash and providing change or preparing bank petrol charge slips
  • checking the oil and water levels of the vehicle
  • cleaning windscreens
  • checking the air pressure of tyres and pumping them up if necessary
  • changing flat tyres
  • selling and fitting minor spares.

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

no specific requirements
employers prefer a Grade 8 Certificate

What to Study

Petrol pump attendants receive their training on the job. At first the trainees will perform relatively simple tasks such as cleaning the station, serving petrol and cleaning windscreens. Gradually they may progress to more advanced work, such as performing simple maintenance tasks on vehicles, fitting parts on cars and helping to keep records.

Some garages send their attendants for training courses at their head office or training centre. The following can be offered to attendants by garages for their employees:

  • Basic fire training.
  • Health hygiene.
  • Security awareness
Working from lower levels can enable attendants to proceed to positions such as cashiers, drivers or senior attendant’s managers.


  • petrol filling stations
  • garage owners

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work at a garage
  • arrange to speak to a petrol pump attendant about this type of career

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