A model wears and displays the latest fashion designs and cosmetics. Models may be male or female of any age group including children who are used to advertise products for companies.

Models specialise in live or photographic modelling. Live models appear in front of audiences (potential customers) wearing the latest styles of designers, manufacturers or retail shops while a compère describes the garments. Photographic models work in front of the camera wearing the garments or cosmetics being promoted.

Models may also appear in television commercials, demonstrate new products or services at exhibitions or trade shows, or pose for artists making drawings to be used in advertisements.


  • modelling agencies

  • clothing manufacturers

  • advertising agencies

  • retail shops

  • public relations firms

  • magazines

  • photographers

  • freelance fashion artists or illustrators

  • self-employment, own business such as a clothing shop or own modelling school or modelling agency

Getting Started

  • take part in activities that promote self- confidence in front of large audiences

  • practise activities such as dancing, gymnastics or figure skating that teach you to move gracefully

  • try to find work in a departmental store to learn about fashions and retail

  • arrange to speak to models about this type of career and watch them at work

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