Meat Examiner

Meat examiners inspect meat and carcasses to guarantee the safety of the meat which is destined for human and animal consumption. They work in abattoirs under the supervision of a meat inspector or veterinarian.

Meat examiners assist meat inspectors by performing the actual inspection procedures as prescribed by law and by monitoring the slaughtering process. They draw the attention of the inspector to any irregularities and need to ensure that the highest level of hygiene is maintained in the abattoir at all times.

Meat examiners inspect the carcasses and internal organs of the animal for disease and make sure that the meat is safe and that the processing and production meets the hygiene laws.  The hygiene conditions of abbatoirs, cutting plants, factories and cold stores are continuously checked.  All unfit meat must be recorded and properly destroyed.

They need to be responsible, precise and observant.  Their work is very important, contributing to the health of people, and they also need to ensure that the slaughtering processes are humane.


  • abattoirs

  • municipalities and government departments

Getting Started

  • gain useful experience, which may include: catering; chef work; food hygiene courses: work in kitchens; retail work; farm work; work at a freezing works; work as a meat packer or a clean-up person in a butchery

  • make an appointment to talk to a meat examiner or meat inspector and ask permission to observe the work in an abattoir

  • try to obtain part-time or vacation employment at an abattoir, butchery or the butchery section of a retail or wholesale food outlet


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