Matrons are responsible for all the household affairs of the residences, hostels, hospices or institutions where they are employed.

Matrons have a very responsible job and have a large personnel corps working under them. They have various assistants and delegate some of their duties such as the responsibility for the upkeep of gardens, furniture and buildings, to them.

They supervise the cleaning of the building, the cooking of meals and the laundry. Matrons control and stock provisions, work out menus (at some institutions), see to it that the kitchen and laundry run smoothly and that all preparations are up to standard.

Matrons are also responsible for the care of the sick people in the hostel or institution and for administration of medicine. Matrons mostly work long hours and usually stay at their workplaces.

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

The minimum educational requirement is a Grade 8 Certificate, but people with higher qualifications are preferred.

What to Study

No formal training exists and in-service training is given to prospective matrons.


  • school, university of technology and university
  • residences (or any other youth residence)
  • children’s homes
  • homes for the aged
  • any other hostels

Further Information

Enquire at possible employers.

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation work in a hostel or home
  • arrange to speak to a matron about this type of career

Programmes by Study Institutions

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