Learning Materials Developer

A learning materials developer designs and develops materials which enable students to improve their understanding of subjects and performance in tests, examinations etc.

Learning materials developers should enjoy communicating with people – whether verbally or in written form, and be passionate about learning and the continuous development of every person during a lifetime.

Meaningful learning materials and high-quality delivery and assessment constitute the core of uplifting South African society in terms of personal growth, reducing unemployment and becoming more globally competitive.

They must have the ability to make use of various computer software packages to compile high-quality learning materials that make an impact, both in terms of content and layout. The ability to make use of relevant sequencing approaches, so that learning materials unfold in a systematic and logical manner is also important.

The National Qualifications Framework has two generic Design and Development unit standards that are suitable for developing skills to create learning materials, namely NLRD 123401 and NLRD 123394. Accredited training providers in the marketplace typically offer these two unit standards as one integrated skills programme, or as two separate and follow-on skills programmes. Individuals interested in becoming developers should undertake learning in relation to these unit standards.

An average day in this job depends on a number of variables, such as the context in which one works, for example, whether for a small training provider or a large established firm, and whether appointed as a full-time or freelance developer. Many learning materials developers work on a freelance contract basis for a variety of different training providers.

Learning materials developers are in demand, as there is a shortage of people with the required level of skill and competence. Therefore, opportunities should always exist for people with these skills, thereby opening doors in a full-time capacity or on a freelance basis.

Personal Requirements

  • must have the language ability to communicate your information effectively
  • possess subject matter expertise
  • have good computer skills
  • have business-development skills

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

National Senior Certificate meeting requirements for course

What to Study

A background and qualification in education would be beneficial, and courses in the use of the various computer packages that would be utilised.


  • educational institutions
  • self-employed, working free-lance

Further Information

Tel: 086 187 7783

The Association for Skills Development Facilitation in South Africa represents skills development practitioners – including facilitators, assessors, moderators and training providers. The ASDFSA hosts regular information-sharing workshops and seminars around the country.

Getting Started

  • speak to a learning materials developer about this career and ask to observe him/her at work
  • do research on the various types of learning materials available and find out about the relevant NQF standards

Programmes by Study Institutions

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