Industrial Technician: Hydrometry

Industrial technicians are responsible for the planning and design of storage dams, canals, tunnels, pipelines and pumping and irrigation schemes. They are also responsible for the preparation of cost estimates, economic calculations and reports on water schemes and for the measuring and computing of hydrological data.

Industrial technicians give advice to irrigation boards, municipalities and farmers on irrigation matters. They survey the sites for new hydrological measuring stations and are involved in the design, maintenance and improvement of existing measuring structures and instruments.

Industrial technicians prepare and survey sites for flood calculations and make flow measurements, using instruments to calibrate measuring points. They assist engineers and hydrologists and spend a great deal of time out of the office collecting and processing data.


  • Department of Water Affairs

  • agricultural unions

  • self-employment, as a consultant

Getting Started

  • contact the Department of Water Affairs for more information and make an appointment to speak to an industrial technician: hydrometry

  • read up as much as you can about this field


Mzuzu University, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of Johannesburg

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