Hospital Porter

Hospital porters are responsible for the moving of patients on stretchers, trolleys, beds and wheelchairs between different locations in the hospital.

Patients need to be moved from the ambulance into the hospital and between the wards operating theatres, delivery rooms and the X-ray section. Hospital porters also need to move patients who have just undergone surgery and are often still anaesthetised, from operating tables to trolleys and then to beds. This requires care and practice.

It is also the responsibility of hospital porters to ensure that trolleys are always made up with fresh linen and blankets and that equipment such as oxygen cylinders and cot sides are available.

Hospital porters generally work three shifts, alternating between morning, afternoon and night shifts and are also expected to work over weekends.

Personal Requirements

  • friendly and helpful
  • inspire confidence
  • neat and orderly
  • responsible
  • physically strong and fit
  • willing to work long hours as well as weekends and public holidays

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

No specific requirements.

What to Study

Porters receive in-service training, at first for a probation period according to the hospital’s policy and then in a permanent post. It is also every worker’s right to sign a service contract.


Hospitals and clinics

Further Information

The nearest hospital or clinic in your area

Getting Started

  • visit a hospital during visiting hours and observe the various activities of hospital porters
  • speak to a hospital porter about this career

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