Fruit and Vegetable Canning Industry

The South African fruit and vegetable canning industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities, from the farmer that grows the fruit and vegetables, to the delivery man who delivers the canned products to the retailer.

Production: Production such as canned fruit and vegetables, tomato sauce, jam, achar and flavouring agents are manufactured by canning corporations. Workers in the production division are responsible for the preparation of the products, so that they can be canned and preserved. This includes, among other things, the sorting and finishing of the fruit and vegetables, The machines which are used in the production processes, operate for 24 hours a day and therefore the workers must work shifts. The production manager must monitor the different processes.

Technical division: The technical division is responsible for product development, quality control, industrial and project engineering and purchases. Products must be extended, developed and improved. The products must also meet certain quality standards. Industrial engineers ensure that the labour, materials and energy in factories are optimally used. Project engineers develop new facilities and processes.

Marketing : The marketing personnel are responsible for advertisements, promotions, product training and commercial support. Marketing personnel include clerks, accountants, bookkeepers, liaison officers and marketing mangers, to name but a few.

Sales: Sales personnel at sales houses throughout the country, work with the different consumers.

Distribution : The distribution must ensure that the final product reaches its destination safely and as soon as possible. Personnel needed include drivers, route planners and conductors. Workers keep count of all the goods that enter and leave the warehouses.

Finance and administration: This division uses sophisticated computer networks. Personnel such as accountants, auditors, secretaries and legal advisers are employed.

Manpower: The manpower division is responsible for personnel affairs such as training and development.

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course, for workers in senior supervisory positions, for example, industrial engineers.

Each institution has its own entry requirements.

What to Study

Workers in the canning industry receive in-service training.


  • any fruit and vegetable canning company
  • a corporation such as Langeberg Foods Limited

Further Information

The Secretary
South African Fruit and Vegetable Canner’s Association
P O Box 6175
Paarl, 7620
Tel: (021) 871-1308 Fax: (021) 872-5930

Getting Started

  • speak to canners and ask to watch them at work
  • try to obtain vacation work at a canning plant

Programmes by Study Institutions

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