Disc Jockey

A disc jockey is an announcer and 'host' on a musical radio programme who selects the music to be played on the basis of the programme speciality and listeners' tastes.

The disc jockey also comments on the music selected and provides listeners with interesting snippets of information about some of the selections and recording artists involved. The ‘DJ’ also comments on general matters such as the weather and traffic conditions, gives time-checks and runs station promotions and competitions. They sometimes interview recording artists and, depending on the structure of the programme, may run phone-in or e-mail requests. Some disc jockeys perform at nightclubs.


  • radio stations

  • nightclubs and discos

  • self-employment, with enough capital, start own mobile disco

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation work in a broadcasting station

  • make an appointment to speak to a disc jockey about this type of career


Boston City Campus & Business College, Makerere University

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