Customer Services Agent

Customer services agents look after the interests of all customers in their interactions and dealings with the business. Their main objective is to assist customers and make their experience a positive one.

An airline customer services agent:

  • books passengers onto flights
  • checks documents and health certificates
  • issues travel tickets
  • weighs baggage
  • issues baggage receipts and levies charges on overweight baggage
  • removes flight coupons from travel tickets and attaches them to the passenger list
  • issues boarding passes
  • assists in arranging return flights
  • ensures that passengers receive messages
  • acts as announcer
Some airports offer a 24-hour service and the customer services agent is expected to work shifts.

Personal Requirements

  • get along well with people
  • be friendly and spontaneous
  • be thorough, precise and responsible
  • have a well-groomed appearance
  • have good communication skills

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

National Senior Certificate

What to Study

Large organisations, departmental stores, etc, may provide in-service training.


Many organisations that deal with the public, e.g. airlines, departmental stores, airlines

Further Information

Contact any of the above employment possibilities

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation work in an airport, as a customer services agent
  • make an appointment to speak to a customer services agent about this type of career

Programmes by Study Institutions

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