Colour Consultant

A colour consultant is a person with exceptional skill in using colour to maximum effect.

The colour consultant’s primary function is to advise interior designers, architects, textile manufacturers and private domestic clients on the effective use of colour.

In addition to familiarity with colour theory, a colour consultant requires sound technical knowledge of dyes, fabrics, fabric production processes, paints and surface treatments (such as different wall and ceiling finishes). Colour consultants are often given the freedom to co-ordinate colour schemes for an entire project.

Personal Requirements

  • an excellent eye for colour
  • creative imagination
  • sound technical knowledge of dye, paints, fabrics and surfaces
  • able to listen to and accurately interpret clients’ ideas

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

Compulsory Subjects: Art or a related subjects is highly recommended
Recommended subjects: Art, Design Studies, Engineering and Graphic Design


  • An art portfolio is required to demonstrate your creativity, abilities and commitment.
  • If you intend studying towards a degree in Fine Art at university, you will need to a Bachelor's pass in matric. If you intend studying a diploma in an art-related field, then you will need a Diploma pass in matric.
  • Meet the admission requirements (APS) set by the university or requirements set by the college.

What to Study

Diploma: At various universities of technology.

A considerable amount of technical knowledge with respect to products and chemicals is required in order for the colour consultant to operate effectively. This is usually acquired during in-service training, working with an experienced colour consultant who assists in the acquisition of this knowledge. Prospective employers usually offer training programmes.


  • paint manufacturers
  • textile manufacturers
  • large interior design and architecture firms
  • own consultancy business

Further Information

Any of the above potential employers

Getting Started

  • make an appointment to speak to a colour consultant about this type of work
  • experiment with colours and fabrics and develop your own portfolio

Programmes by Study Institutions

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