Clinical Technologist

Clinical technologists are concerned with the entire human body and the functioning of its organs. They use specialized procedures and sophisticated apparatus to diagnose and help with corrective treatment for patients. They usually work with the doctor or specialist concerned and sometimes as members of a medical team. They often have to work outside of normal working hours.

Clinical technologists specialise in one or more of the following fields:

Cardiology (study of the heart and vascular system): involves the use of specialised equipment to diagnose heart disease.

Cardiovascular Perfusion: involves assisting in the operating theatre during open-heart surgery.

Critical Care: involves assisting the anaesthetist and critical care doctor with the use of sophisticated equipment on patients in different critical care situations.

Nephrology: involves the treatment of patients suffering from kidney failure by operating the dialysis machines.

Neurophysiology: involves the diagnosis of problems of the central and peripheral nervous system, e.g. examination of patients with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, head injuries, psychiatric disorders etc.

Pulmonology: involves assisting doctors in the diagnosis of lung diseases with the aid of sophisticated electronic equipment.

Reproductive Biology: involves the diagnosis of infertility problems and treatment recommendation


  • clinical departments of academic and private hospitals

  • with doctors / specialists in private practices

  • private laboratories

  • self-employment

Getting Started

  • do volunteer work at your local clinic or hospital

  • enrol for a First Aid course

  • speak to a clinical technologist about this career


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