Child Minder

Child Minders are trained workers who care for and attend to children's needs as well as perform various chores in the homes of the families that employ them. They prepare the children's meals, do grocery shopping for the children, accompany children during meal times and sometimes need to clean up after their meals.

Child Minders are also referred to as Nannies. When caring for an infant, the nanny ensures that bottles are properly washed and sterilised, changes the infant’s diapers (nappies) and sometimes also washes it’s clothes. Child Minders need to ensure that the child’s clothing is packed away tidily. Once the child is old enough, the nanny teaches them to organise their possessions.
The Child Minders baths and dresses the child / children and teaches them proper grooming skills, such as how to brush their teeth regularly. A Child Minders is not only responsible for training the child / children but also acts as their guardian. The Child Minders plays games and plans educational activities, and ensures that the child / children grow up with respectable ways and manners.

The Child Minders may also plan birthday parties, vacations and field trips. Most of the time, the Child Minders will accompany the employers on vacation. Child Minders need to be detail-orientated, since they act on behalf of the parents and need to teach the child / children how to behave in public. Parents must have the assurance that their child / children are in good hands.


  • private families

  • employment agencies specialising in au pairs / nannies

Getting Started

  • develop your people-skills

  • baby sit for relatives or friends

  • do a first aid course and learn how to prepare nutritious meals

  • learn as much as you can about physical grooming and housekeeping


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