Chemical Laboratory Technician

Chemical laboratory technicians work with chemists and chemical engineers to develop, produce, sell and utilize chemical and related products and equipment.

They set up and conduct tests on products or processes being developed or improved. They measure reactions, analyse results and carefully record data from these tests and experiments.

Some technicians assist with design, equipment installation, and training or supervision of operators on the production line. Others test materials, production processes and final products to make sure they meet specifications and quality standards. A few technicians work as sales personnel.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Analytical chemistry

  • Polymer technology

  • Food processing

  • Medicines

  • Research

  • Production control

  • Quality control.


  • chemical manufacturers and other industries, such as: petroleum refining, synthetic fuel manufacture, food processing, brewing, minerals processing, paper and pulp, pollution control, manufacture of synthetic fibres, fertilisers and explosives

  •  such organisations as: CSIR, AECI, Eskom, Sasol, NECSA, Sentrachem

  • Uranium Enrichment Corporation

  • Council for Mineral Technology (Mintek)

  • government departments and non-profit organisations

  • educational institutions

Getting Started

  • take courses that will provide laboratory experience

  • look for part-time or vacation work as a laboratory aide in a chemical laboratory


Makerere University, National University of Science & Technology, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of Johannesburg, Vaal University of Technology

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