Billet Provider

Steel is provided in the form of metal bars called billets. The person responsible for supplying steel billets to the reheating furnace and the roller mills is called a billet provider.

Billet providers receive roll-release notes with the number, quality, and lengths of billets required for manufacturing a specific product. The required billets are then ordered by telephone and supplied to the roller mills.

Billet providers also check reports of shift mill recorders on the numbers and quality of billets unloaded, those stacked in the billet yard and those supplied to the reheating furnace during each shift. They compile stock reports indicating the tonnage of billets available in the billet yard. They receive reports on analyses from the laboratory and record this information.


Such organisations as: Mittal Steel, Highveld Steel, USCO

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation work in a iron and steel manufacturing company

  • make an appointment to speak to a billet provider about this type of career


Eastcape Midlands TVET College, Lovedale Public TVET College, Vuselela TVET College

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