Cape Peninsula University of Technology

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Field of Study
B Emergency Medical Care - Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care
B Emergency Medical Care Ext - Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care Extended
BEd Economic and Management Science - Bachelor of Education Economic and Management Science
BEd Foundation / Intermediate and Senior - Bachelor of Education Foundation / Intermediate and Senior
BEd Foundation Phase Teaching - Bachelor of Education Foundation Phase Teaching
BEd Intermediate Phase Teaching - Bachelor of Education Intermediate Phase Teaching
BEd Natural Science or Technology - Bachelor of Education Natural Science or Technology
BEd Senior Phase and FET Teaching - Bachelor of Education Senior Phase and Further Education and Teaching
BHSC Medical Laboratory Science - Bachelor of Health Science Laboratory Science
BHSC Medical Laboratory Science Ext - Bachelor of Health Science Laboratory Science Extended
BSc Radiography - Bachelor of Science Radiography
BTech Nursing Science - Bachelor of Technology Nursing Science
BTech Nursing Science Ext - Bachelor of Technology Nursing Science Extended
Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
Diploma: Marine Science
Diploma: Marine Science Extended
Fisheries Resource Management
HC Dental Assisting - Higher Certificate Dental Assisting
HC Information and Communication Technology - Higher Certificate Information and Communication Technology
Internal Auditing
ND - Agricultural Management - National Diploma Agricultural Management
ND Accommodation Management - National Diploma Accommodation Management
ND Agriculture - Crop or Animal Production or Viticulture - National Diploma Agriculture - Crop or Anima
ND Agriculture - Crop or Animal Production or Viticulture - National Diploma Agriculture - Crop or Animal Production or Viticulture
ND Analytical Chemistry - National Diploma Analytical Chemistry
ND Analytical Chemistry Ext - National Diploma Analytical Chemistry Extended
ND Architectural Technology - National Diploma in Architectural Tehcnology
ND Biotechnology - National Diploma Biotechnology
ND Biotechnology Ext - National Diploma Biotechnology Extended
ND Building - National Diploma Building
ND Cartography - National Diploma Cartography
ND Clothing Management - National Diploma Clothing Management
ND Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition - National Diploma Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition
ND Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition Ext- National Diploma Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition Extended
ND Dental Technology - National Diploma Dental Technology
ND Dental Technology Ext - National Diploma Dental Technology Extended
ND Engineering Mechanical: Marine Engineering - National Diploma Engineering Mechanical: Marine Engineering
ND Engineering: Chemical - National Diploma Engineering: Chemical
ND Engineering: Civil - National Diploma Engineering: Civil
ND Engineering: Computer Systems - National Diploma Engineering: Computer Systems
ND Engineering: Electrical - National Diploma Engineering: Electrical Systems
ND Engineering: Industrial - National Diploma Engineering: Electrical / Computer Systems
ND Engineering: Mechanical Engineering - Natiional Diploma Mechanical Engineering
ND Engineering: Mechatronics - National Diploma Engineering: Mechatronics
ND Entrepreneurship - National Diploma Entrepreneurship
ND Entrepreneurship Ext - National Diploma Entrepreneurship Extended
ND Environmental Health - National Diploma Environmental Health
ND Environmental Management - National Diploma Environmental Management
ND Events Management - National Diploma Events Management
ND Events Management Ext- National Diploma Events Management Extended
ND Fashion - National Diploma Fashion
ND Film and Video Technology - National Diploma Film and Video Tehcnology
ND Food and Beverage - National Diploma Food and Beverage
ND Food Technology - National Diploma Food Technology
ND Food Technology Ext - National Diploma Food Technology Extended
ND Graphic Design - National Diploma Graphic Design
ND Horticulture - National Diploma Horticulture
ND Horticulture Ext- National Diploma Horticulture Extended
ND Human Resources - National Diploma Human Resources
ND Human Resources Ext - National Diploma Human Resources Extended
ND Interior Design - National Diploma Interior Design
ND Jewellery Design and Manufacture - National Diploma Jewellery Design and Manufacture
ND Journalism - National Diploma Journalism
ND Landscape Technology - National Diploma Landscape Technology
ND Landscape Technology Ext - National Diploma Landscape Technology Extended
ND Management - National Diploma Management
ND Management Ext - National Diploma Management Extended
ND Maritime Studies - National Diploma Maritime Studies
ND Marketing - National Diploma Marketing
ND Mathematical Technology - National Diploma Mathematical Technology
ND Mathematical Technology Ext- National Diploma Mathematical Technology Extended
ND Nature Conservation - Nature Conservation
ND Nature Conservation Ext - Nature Conservation Extended
ND Office Management and Technology - National Diploma Office Management and Technology
ND Office Management and Technology Ext - National Diploma Office Management and Technology Extended
ND Operations Management - National Diploma Operations Management
ND Optical Dispensing - National Diploma Optical Dispensing
ND Photography - National Diploma Photography
ND Printing Management - National Diploma Printing Management
ND Professional Cookery - National Diploma Professional Cookery
ND Public Management - National Diploma Public Management
ND Public Management Ext - National Diploma Public Management Extended
ND Public Relations Management - National Diploma Public Relations Management
ND Real Estate - National Diploma Real Estate
ND Retail Management - National Diploma Retail Management
ND Somatology - National Diploma Somatology
ND Sports Management - National Diploma Sports Management
ND Sports Management Ext - National Diploma Sports Management Extended
ND Surface Design - National Diploma Surface Design
ND Surveying - National Diploma Surveying
ND Three-Dimensional Design - National Diploma Three-Dimensional Design
ND Tourism Management - National Diploma Tourism Management
ND Tourism Management Ext - National Diploma Tourism Management Extended
ND Town and Regional Planning - National Diploma Town and Regional Planning
NHC Accounting - National Higher Certificate Accounting
NHC Financial Information Systems - National Higher Certificate Financial Information Systems
Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Keizersgracht and Tennant Street Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 8000
T: +27 21 959 6911
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, a university in Cape Town, South Africa, is the only university of Technology in the Western Cape province, and is also the largest university in the province, with over 32,000 students.