Inspector of Occupational Safety

Inspectors of occupational safety have a very important function in the prevention of injuries and losses as a result of accidents. The responsibilities of these inspectors depend on where they work. Those who work for the Department of Labour, ensure that the requirements of the Law on Machinery and Occupational Safety are adhered to.

Inspectors of occupational safety in private companies formulate, administer and make the necessary adjustments to accident prevention programmes in order to effectively prevent accidents. They provide daily, weekly or monthly reports on the status of their organisation’s accident prevention programmes to management. They also compile standards for the safety of appliances and check them regularly.

One of their most important tasks is to update accident, injury or illness records. They must also investigate and report all accidents and incidents. The conditions that contribute to accidents must be rectified, if possible, so that they do not recur.

Inspectors of occupational safety need to be present at all inspections by the Department of Labour. They also do their own inspections to ensure safety and make recommendations regarding accident prevention at plants and regarding the specifications for new buildings. They ensure that repairs and modifications to existing structures are carried out, where necessary, to meet safety requirements.

Personal Requirements

  • good interpersonal relations
  • scientific and technical knowledge, and interest
  • very responsible and conscientious


  • Department of Labour
  • large companies
  • large factories
  • self-employment, as a private consultant particularly to smaller companies

Getting Started

  • talk to inspectors of occupational safety at the Department of Labour and ask to observe them at work
  • you may also try to get vacation work with a large company or factory, in the safety department

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