Family Planning Community Worker

Family planning community (FPC) workers lecture and provide information on family planning to people within their communities.

The Department of Health, municipalities and some private organisations employ people to train community workers how to effectively provide information on family planning.

Family planning community (FPC) workers are given a thorough grounding in the theory of family planning as well as practical training in conveying of the subject. FPC workers are managed by regional planners and organisers, who also help to develop training strategies and new schemes. They are usually qualified health or social workers.

Personal Requirements

  • fluent in the language of the community being served
  • desire to help people to improve their living standards
  • tactful and mature
  • respect different cultures
  • good communication and persuasive skills
  • good teaching and organisational skills


  • Department of Health
  • municipalities
  • private organisations

Getting Started

  • speak to family planning community workers and ask to observe them at work
  • visit family planning clinics and read up as much as possible about this subject

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