Subject Choice - Visual Arts

Subject Choice - Visual Arts

Visual Arts

“Imagination is more important than knowledge... “ Albert Einstein

Art is a shared and common visual academic language. It is a form of communication that can be assessed and appreciated by the literate and illiterate; wealthy and poor; old and young and the culturally diverse.”

Art vs Science: Without Art to inspire the great minds of our collective human history, the greatest engineering, scientific, political and cultural feats could not have existed. In short, our imagination is key in solving some of the toughest problems we are presented with today. It is the foundation required by visionaries.

Visual Arts covers a broad field of creative practice that involves the eye, the intellect and the imagination in creating two- and three-dimensional artworks that reflect the concerns of individuals or groups.  The subject is about self-expression and offers learners a way to engage with and respond to their world.  It stimulates the intellect of learners and engages their creative imagination.


It allows one to assess both the evolution and history thereby enabling you to develop a future for art.


  • Conceptualising through the development and realisation of creative ideas
  • Making of creative artworks, management of process and presentation, following safe practice
  • Visual culture studies: emphasis on visual literacy

The practical aspects of the subject include:

  • Learning to engage with a given theme.
  • Developing a personal visual language.
  • Developing and refining interpretive drawing skills.
  • Conceptualizing and documentation of the creative processes.
  • Experimenting and developing technical skills in almost any medium available to the student.

Should I take this subject?

If you are talented and enjoy the subject, then take it.  There will be a large amount of theory to study too. 


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