Subject Choice - Maths Literacy

Maths Literacy


Maths Literacy is a subject where learners acquire practical skills with regard to the relevance of mathematics in real-life situations. People are mathematically literate if they have the ability to express quantitative information in a verbal and visual form.  Maths Literacy provides the skills for dealing with financial and other calculation problems in everyday life.  For example: how to compile a personal budget? How to calculate weights and volumes when preparing food for a banquet? How to measure the size of a room in square metres?  Mathematical Literacy is not Mathematics Standard Grade as in the old curriculum. This is an entirely new and independent subject.  


The purpose is to develop mathematical skills for everyday situations and should enable the learner to become a self-managing person, a contributing worker and a participating citizen in a developing democracy.


Topics of study include the following:

  • Income tax, how to buy a house; investments and loans; and budgeting.
  • Statistics: this covers the calculation and interpretation of statistical values.
  • Graphs and other measures to determine the profitability of a venture e.g. how many units to produce to make a profit.
  • Ratio and percentage to do everyday calculations, for example, fuel consumption, discount calculations, inflation and exchange rates.

Should I take this subject?

If you do not take Mathematics as a subject then Math Literacy is compulsory.  Take this subject if you are failing Mathematics in Grade 9 and if you do not need Mathematics for your future career.  Read more on Subject Choice in Grade 9. 


The choice of taking Mathematics or Maths Literacy is one which must be carefully considered. Maths Literacy is not a requirement for any specific field of study but there are many careers open to learners without Mathematics. Careers without Mathematics.


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