Subject Choice - Life Sciences

Subject Choice - Life Sciences

Life Sciences


Life Sciences, previously known as “Biology”, is the study of life, what living things need to survive, what makes life possible, how life evolves and changes, and how living things interact with one another. Life Sciences start with the study of the cell, the most basic unit of life. It looks at the different organs and systems found in your body, how your body utilizes food to release energy and to help you grow. It includes sections on biology, botany, zoology, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry and related subjects. Environmental issues are covered, such as the interaction between living organisms and the environment, the existing biomes in Southern Africa and the importance of conservation. 


Life Sciences provide you with a window into the world of the plant and animal. Life Sciences will provide you with an understanding of the processes and mechanisms of life; from molecular to cellular and from organism to the ecological levels of organisation. It will give you an understanding of the ways in which humans have impacted negatively on the environment, the importance of conservation, and how to be a responsible citizen.


Some of the topics covered in Life Sciences:

  • The Cell and Cell Division
  • DNA, RNA and Genetics
  • Plant and Animal Tissues
  • The Skeletal, Muscular, Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous, Digestive, Endocrine and Excretory Systems
  • Reproduction, Mutations, Cloning, Stem Cell Research, Fertility Treatments and Contraception
  • Viruses, Bacteria, Protista, Fungi etc.
  • Ecology, Population Dynamics
  • Plant and Animal Diversity and Biogeography
  • History and Evolution of Life on Earth, Fossil Studies

Should I take Life Sciences?

Life Sciences is an interesting subject with lots of future possibilities especially for those wanting to study in the medical field. Life Sciences are definitely not for those who lack the discipline to absorb and understand new and challenging content. You should have a great deal of curiosity in understanding how life works.


Life Sciences is a compulsory subject to study in most of the medical field and highly recommended if you you want to study anything in the biological sciences after school. 

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