Subject Choice - Information Technology

Subject Choice - Information Technology

Information Technology


Information Technology is the study of the technologies used in the capturing of data, processing of it into useful information and the management and presentation of data.   It is an exciting subject since it allows one to develop skills and apply these in creative ways. It pervades every facet of our lives, whether it is at home or in the business world and the correct knowledge and application of it is vital for success in our modern society. Computers have been essential in solving problems that otherwise could not be solved. Studying Information Technology allows learners to use their expertise to create new technologies that can be applied to almost every discipline.

  • Computer hardware
  • Computer software
  • Networking and the Internet
  • Ethical and safety issues when using the Internet
  • The impact of computers and modern trends in the computing world
  • Designing computer solutions
  • Spreadsheets for problem solving
  • Designing and normalizing databases
  • Querying databases with Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Computer programming with Java
  • Integrated solutions for information management

Should I take this subject?

Do you have a fascination with computers and express this interest by spending much of your spare time exploring its functions and applications? Are you a creative and analytical thinker who is logical and scientifically minded?  Is Maths one of your stronger subjects at school?  If your answer to these questions is, YES, then perhaps consider taking this subject.


Popular careers in the discipline itself include Systems Analysts, Computer Programmers, Network Engineers, Computer Solutions Architects, Support Personnel and Game Designers. Careers in other disciplines that include Information Technology are many and now involve Business Analysts, Accountants, Engineers, Marketers and Biologists, to name a few. Read up on careers in, Information Technology.


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