Subject Choice - Hospitality Studies

Subject Choice - Hospitality Studies

Hospitality Studies

Hospitality Studies prepares and trains future personnel to work in the hospitality industry, predominantly in the Food and Drink Service, or Food Preparation and Cooking in entry level jobs, which could include.

Due to the practical nature of the subject you will be given various practicals which may include setting up a menu and preparing the food

  • Kitchen assistant
  • Restaurant waiters
  • Bar waiters
  • Public area cleaners
  • Entry level cooks


Hospitality orientates and prepares young people for a career in the hospitality industry, teaching them about cultural and other influences on South African cuisine, food purchasing, storage and control, managing resources etc.


  • Hospitality sectors and careers
  • Kitchen and restaurant options 
  • Nutrition, menu planning and costng
  • Food commodities
  • Food and beverage service
  • Health, safety and security

Should I take this subject?

Opportunities for learners taking this subject are unlimited due to the great emphasis placed on entrepreneurship. Due to the practical nature of this subject a portion of the marks are allocated for practical assignments.

Careers in hospitality industry can be found in the General Services and Crafts related Fields.

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