Subject Choice - Consumer Studies

Subject Choice - Consumer Studies

Consumer Studies


Consumer Studies is a subject that embraces life.  Every person is a consumer and needs to know how to purchase wisely, select and eat foods that are healthy and be able to live in a home that is both functional and attractive. Consumerism deals with everyday business practices such as establishing your own business and learning how to sustain a profitable small-scale production.  In the practical component of the subject learners have an opportunity to produce and market different products.


Consumer Studies focuses on developing knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in learners which enable them to become responsible and informed consumers of food, clothing, housing and furnishings and to be able to use resources optimally and in a sustainable manner.


  • The consumer – rights, responsibilities, protection.
  • Food and nutrition - being able to choose food that is healthy for good living. 
  • Design elements and principles.
  • Fibres and fabrics.
  • Clothing - how to choose suitable clothing for the working environment and other situations.  
  • Housing - choosing a home, the finances involved and furnishings that will create a functional and attractive home.
  • Entrepreneurship – starting one’s own business
  • Food production is the practical section which focuses on your cooking skills


Should I take this subject?

The subject is suitable for both girls and boys and is a university entrance subject.  This is a good subject choice if you have a natural flair for the subject and are passing the theory tests at Grade 9 level.


Consumer Studies can be taken at various universities as part of BA and BSc degrees.  Dietetics is also an excellent career choice. For further information, read up on the fields of General Services and Crafts.


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