Subject Choice - Computer Applications Technology (CAT)

Computer Applications Technology (CAT)


In the last decades, computers have become a normal part of life. They are used to send e-mails, write reports, manage our finances, or just to surf the internet. CAT is the study of the components of a computer system and how to use it to solve everyday problems.  It will prepare you for life in the technological world.  This is a very practical skills-based subject which will help you at university, college, and the work place.


Computer Applications Technology aims at developing computing skills in the following packages: Word, Excel, Access, Explorer, Outlook and Power Point and basic HTML (webpage). Learners will be able to use the Internet, and understand the role that it plays, find relevant information, process it, make decisions, and learn how to use ICTs responsibly.  A fairly high level of competency is expected.

  • Solution Development
  • Systems Technologies
  • Network Technologies
  • Internet Technologies
  • Information Management
  • Social Implications


Computers are used widely in many careers. The ability to use computer applications efficiently is a distinct advantage in many fields.

Students also complete the ICDL (International Computers Drivers Licence) course during Grade 10 and 11. Not only does this give them an excellent platform from which to do Grade 12 CAT, but is an asset on their CV.

Should I take this subject?

If you enjoy working with computers and its many applications, then CAT is a good subject to take. The great advantage of this subject is that it provides skills that can be applied immediately in the classroom and the workplace. Like all matric subjects, CAT will require consistent application and hard work.


Although CAT is not a compulsory subject for any particular field of study, this subject does provide you with a range of basic skills useful in the field of Information Technology should you wish to study in this field further one day.


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