Qualify as an Artisan?

Qualified artisans are in high demand, but what does it take to become one?

Qualify as an Artisan?

There is a high demand for Artisans and the chance of finding employment once you are qualified is very good, both at home and abroad. The salaries for Artisans are also good and according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics a skilled artisan will earn well above the median annual wage when compared to all occupations. The reason is due to the high demand for Artisans.

What is an Artisan?

An artisan or trades worker is someone who is skilled with their hands in carpentry, plumbing, welding, electrical or electronic work, mechanical work, and other types of work related to the engineering or construction environment. Here is a list of artisan related careers:

Armature Winder
Automotive Electrician
Automotive Machinist
Die Sinker and Engraver
Diesel Mechanic
EEG Technician
Electrician or Construction Electrician
Fitter and Turner
Gravure Machine Operator or Lithographic Machine-minder
Instrument Mechanician
Measurement and Control Technician
Millwright or Electromechanician
Musical Instrument Builder
Painter and Decorator
Photogravure Engraver
Photo-Lithographer or Electronic Originator
Plastics Technologist or Polymer Scientist
Roll Turner
Rotary Machine Minder
Satellite Systems Technician
Scientific Glass Blower
Sheet Metal Worker
Telecommunications Linesworker
Telecommunications Technician
Tool Designer
Tool-, Jig- and Die-maker

To find a complete list of artisan related careers, here

What type of Artisanship would suit me?

Which trade you choose will depend on your interest in the materials used or the type of industry you would like to be involved in. So for example would you prefer to work with wood (carpenter), metal (boilermaker), brick or stone (stonemason), etc. Some people have a preference for one type of industry over another: For example, working with aircraft (aviation technician), cars (motor mechanic), building (bricklayer), factory (tool-and die maker). 

How do I become an Artisan?

The main route to becoming an Artisan through an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a learning programme where the a learner is first employed by an employer in an apprenticeship position.The apprenticeship consists of theoretical training at a training centre or TVET College as well as workplace training under the supervision of a qualified artisan.  An apprenticeship consists of a practical and a workplace component that usually commences after the completion of the knowledge component. You can become and Artisan through a learnership which is a structured learning programme that leads to a qualification.  

The final step to qualify is to complete a trade test. A trade test is a national assessment that is conducted by a trade test centre that is accredited by the National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB). You are only a qualified artisan after passing the trade test.

How long does it take?

An apprenticeship is a fixed contract between company and apprentice, ranging in duration from between 18 months and 4 years. A learnership is a structured learning programme ranging from about a year to 3 years. A learnership comprises theoretical and practical training. Practical training is conducted on site (on the premises of the organisation). 

Getting Started

  • Think about what type of Artisan you want to become, here.
  • Find someone who is a qualified artisan and make an appoint to speak to them about what they do.
  • Identify possible employers involved with manufacturing company, construction or any kind of engineering phone them a ask them if they are registered to employ and train apprenticeships). 

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