Design Studies

Design Studies

Design Studies

Design Studies is NOT Fine Arts in another guise. Although there are similarities, it encourages different more practical skills and approaches. DesignStudiesis a creative problem-solving process and includes the study of both design practice and design theory. The design process involves problem identification, planning, research, innovation, conceptualisation, experimentation and critical reflection.Although a wide range of design appreciation and skills are promoted, you will focus on one of the following specialist areas of study: Architectural Design; Fashion Design; Interior Design; Industrial Design; Jewellery Design; Graphic Design. NOTE: Design is not yet listed as a “designated” subject


Design Studies equips learners with crucial life skills such as visual literacy, critical and creative thinking, self-discipline and leadership. It also encourages learners to be resourceful and entrepreneurial, to strategise and to be team players.  Design studies will prepare you for advanced study in the design professions across various disciplines.


  • Design process and factors influencing the process.  Design in a business context.
  • Design production, time management and safe practice.
  • Design theory:  history of design, design literacy, design in a socio-cultural environmental and sustainable context.

Should I take this subject?

If you have an interest in a career in the crafts or related careers in visual arts then take this subject.


Read up on careers in the Fields of Crafts and the Visual Arts to find out more about related careers.

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