Dance Studies

Dance Studies

Dance Studies has both a theoretical and a practical component. Learners acquire specific dance capabilities to create, express and communicate through dance. Dance Studies contributes to an appreciation of dance and an understanding of professional practice. This enables learners to pursue dancing and dance-related careers in the performing arts, entertainment, education, fitness and leisure industries.

Dance Studies uses daily dance practice, choreography and dance theory to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle and equips learners with crucial life skills, such as self-discipline, creativity, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork, all of which will benefit them in any field of interest.


Dance Studies aims to develop the body as an instrument of expression, and to develop dance techniques, style, form and performance capabilities in a chosen dance form


  • Dance Performance involves preparing the body as an instrument of expression. It involves elements of quality dance performance which includes musicality and an introduction to the indigenous dances of South Africa.
  • Dance Composition prepares learners for careers in the dance industry and including the practices of choreographing dances. Learners are exposed to music genres, instruments and elements to guide them in the use of music for their choreographies.
  • Dance Appreciation includes basic development of dance in the past and present, dance principles, functions and values and dance literacy.

Should I take this subject?

If you enjoy dancing, you should consider this as an option. Participating in dance provides creative, healthy and stimulating experiences. Dance offers great potential for developing creativity and innovation across the curriculum. Dance springs from the human desire for personal expression and social connection. Dance exercise is excellent for strength and coordination and some people find it a useful outlet for expressing emotions.


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