PSG Honours Bursary



PSG is a leading financial services provider in South Africa and is committed to contribute towards the growth, development and empowerment of youth in the country. Our PSG Bursary Programme aims to create a pipeline of young talent within the financial services industry.
Who Can Apply

Applicants must be South African Citizens and ind addition must have a degree in one of the following disciplines: Science (Applied Chemistry, Physics, Actuarial Science); IT (Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Informatics, Project Management, Software Development, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence); Engineering (Chemical Engineering, Electrical, Electronic and Computer, Mechanical, Industrial); Math/Stats (Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences, Statistics) with an average of 65% and above.

Bursary Levels

Which Countries can Apply?

South Africa

Financial assistance regarding your post-graduate programme (Tuition, textbooks etc); Entry to the Graduate programme the following year; Continuous coaching, mentoring and on-the-job training; Work exposure within the financial services industry.
Closing Date

30 November 2019
Contact Details

The Edge 3 Howick Close Tyger Waterfront Bellville 7530
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