Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers SA Bursaries (ICMEESA)


Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers SA Bursaries

Bursaries will be restricted to studies in either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current) which is required by a student to eventually obtain the Certificate of Competency. The bursary will include studies at Technical College, University of Technology or University. The educational institution must have accreditation from ECSA. Only second year student applications will be considered.
Who Can Apply

Student studying either Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering (Heavy current), or studies for an Engineer's Certificate of Competency. Students must already have passed their first year of study at University of Technology. TVET College students must have already passed all the qualifying N3 subjects. Preference will be given to students who were previous year bursary holders of ICMEESA bursaries. Preference will be given to children of parents who are members of ICMEESA, with more preference to those members of 5 years and longer.

Bursary Levels

Related Occupations

Mechanical Engineer

The bursary will cover the payment of tuition fees and text books, in part or whole, as decided by Council.Amount varies

1 year renewable
Service Contract

Closing Date

31 August 2018
Contact Details

Office No 5, Lakeside Two, Ernest Oppenheimer Ave, Bruma, 2026
P O Box 531, Bruma. 2026
(011) 615-4304
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