Bursaries By Study Field : Performing Arts

Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) Bursary - Closing 31 May - Arts and Culture Trust (ACT)

Funded by Nedbank Arts Affinity and the Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation (DALRO), the Scholarship Programme presented by the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is aimed at young South African performers in Grade 12 and aspirant performers under the age of 30 who are not currently registered for an undergraduate performing arts course. Candidates who are planning to pursue undergraduate studies in acting, singing, dance or musical theatre are invited to book their audition when registrations open.
31 May 2019

Grahamstown Foundation Scholarships - Gerald Wright Scholarship - Grahamstown Foundation

1820 Settlers National Monument Fort Selwyn Drive Grahamstown
Available to school-leavers who will enter upon a first degree course majoring in English, in the year following their application. Tenable at any South African University/Teachers Training College.
31 Oct 2019

Grahamstown Foundation Scholarships - WJB Slater Scholarship Post-graduate - Grahamstown Foundation

1820 Settlers National Monument, Fort Selwyn Drive, Grahamstown
For postgraduate study in the performing Arts, Ballet, Speech and Drama, Music and Fine Art. Candidates will be selected on academic merit, qualities of character, motivation and field of study.
31 Oct 2019

National Arts Council (NAC) - Individual Project funding is now open - National Arts Council

66 Margaret Mcingana Street (Cnr Gwigwi Mrwebi) Johannesburg
The National Arts Council hereby invites applications for arts projects. Individual artists and organisations active in the disciplines of theatre, dance, music, visual arts, craft and literature are invited to submit their applications for project funding. Individuals and registered arts organisations can apply for funding for various programmes. Read about this on the website link below.
19 Apr 2020

National Arts Council of SA (Undergraduate) - National Arts Council

66 Margaret Mcingana Street (Cnr Gwigwi Mrwebi) Johannesburg South Africa
The NAC is a national agency mandated by the Department of Arts and Culture, with the responsibility of developing South Africa’s creative industry by awarding grants to individuals and organisations in the arts. The bursaries are allocated to undergraduate students studying in the arts at a university or university of technology. Students do not apply to the NAC directly. Money is allocated to the tertiary institutions which provide arts tuition according to guidelines and criteria provided by the NAC. The NAC operates by inviting applicants to submit their project proposals and applications for bursaries once per annum, in which an independent panel of experts in each of the seven arts disciplines adjudicates on each application and makes recommendations to council.
09 Sep 2019

SAAWG (Awards to Female Undergraduate Students) - South African Association of Women Graduates

The SAAWG administers a number of partial bursaries and Fellowship awards for South African female student who are completing undergraduate studies. The awards include the following: Loris P Martin Scholarship: For a female studying for a Diploma / Degree in Nursing; or Diploma / Degree in Occupational Therapy; or Diploma / Degree in Dressmaking / Tailoring / Design. Annual Value: R1 300.00. Audrey Warton Henley Scholarship Fund: For a female studying for a Diploma / Degree in Fine Arts; or Diploma / Degree in Drama / Theatrical Studies Annual Value: R1 300.00 Edna Machanick Award (2 Awards): For a female who is studying for a Diploma / Degree in any discipline / field. (Preferably different geographical area each year.) Annual Value:`R2 300.00. SAAWG Friendship Bursary: For a female who is studying for a Diploma / Degree in any discipline / field. Annual Value: R2500.00.
31 Mar 2020